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Last year’s students have generated over $30,000 in sales after implementing these simple but actionable video storytelling techniques. Now it’s your turn — get unlimited access to my patient growth accelerator program with all the tools + guided support to help you create profitable videos.

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“Shanice is one of the clearest, most inspiring medical marketing teachers you could ever find!


I did the coaching intensive and used her online courses to help me launch and scale my aesthetic brand. Her step-by-step process is easy to follow and customize. If video marketing is on your list, run — don’t walk to Shanice.”



Grow and Scale your Brand with Video

Learn how to create profitable videos that attract patients to your business.

A Video Marketing Course

for Medical and Aesthetic Brands

Learn how to create profitable medical aesthetic videos that attract long-lasting clients. 

It's the perfect program for discovering how to amplify your brand online and enhance your patient experience all while accelerating patient growth at your business through video marketing.

It's packed with in-depth, virtual training and resources on all aspects of strategic planning, video storytelling, and video marketing so that you can grow and scale your business.

  • Captivate your audience
  • Connect them to your services 
  • Convert them into paying customers
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What students are saying...

“This entire program is loaded with such valuable video strategies. Shanice goes above and beyond to really change the way you think about creating video content.”

Katherine, NP.

“My videos are far more effective. Understanding how to create intentional videos for my personal brand was a game-changer.”


"I use to randomly create videos on social media.. all I can say is thank God for this program! It has saved me SOOOO much time. Now I create videos that align with my overall strategy.”

Heather, PA.

Start Creating Videos that Attract New Patients Today.

This is the Perfect Video Marketing Course for Medical Aesthetic Professionals and Entrepreneurs who want to Discover How to Create Videos that Attract More Patients. Learn How to Create Profitable Videos that Captivate Audiences, Connect, and Convert them into Loyal Paying Customers.

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