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Hi, I'm Shanice Linton, 👋🏼 and I help aesthetic businesses owners attract and retain patients with

strategic content. It's time to unlock the tools you need to grow and scale your business online.

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Stop me if any of this sounds familiar...

✓ You're tired of wasting time and money testing different video marketing strategies just to see what works

✓ You feel overwhelmed by all of the latest marketing tools, trends, and social media platforms

✓ You love the content your competitors are posting and you wish you could stand out online

✓ You’ve hit a creative plateau and can't think of new ideas for content to create

✓ Your content is not profitable and you're struggling to attract new patients

✓ You're randomly posting content without an effective strategy so it feels like a waste of time


If any of this sounds like you...then you already know how difficult it can be trying to get

affordable, quality advice, and one on one support.


Thankfully, all of that is behind you. 👏🏽


The Perfect Content Marketing Program for Aesthetic Businesses.


Patient Growth Accelerator is an online learning program filled with video courses, downloadable worksheets and it includes a 1on1 coaching intensive that will guide you towards understanding the secret brand and content marketing strategies behind attracting new patients to your business. 

It teaches you simple, actionable, step-by-step techniques on how to build a powerful brand, create captivating video content and develop a profitable content marketing plan from scratch. ✨

It's the perfect program for discovering how to amplify your brand online and enhance your patient experience all while accelerating patient growth at your business through content marketing.

It's packed with in-depth, virtual training and resources on all aspects of content planning, branding, video storytelling, and content marketing so that you can grow and scale a successful business online.

PLUS the 1on1 support you need to ensure you get the most value from this program.

OK, I Need This!

Is Patient Growth Accelerator  Right for Me?

If you're in the aesthetics industry and want to discover how you can attract more patients online with content marketing then you're in the right place. Grab your favorite beverage, come and indulge in profitable strategic advice to help your business thrive online!

This Program is Perfect for... 

Cosmetic Physicians

Nurse Practitioners


Practice Managers

You can Count on Achieving

Three Things:

Accelerated Patient Growth

Attract more patients from your social media, email lists, and your website.

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360 Brand Transformation

Discover the secret strategies behind building a powerful brand that gets noticed online.

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Increase Patient Loyalty

Don't lose patients to competitors, apply patient retention programs that work!

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Hi, I'm Shanice. 


I help aesthetic business owners maximize their impact and minimize their effort with strategic branding and content marketing techniques.

"Developing a successful brand & marketing strategy early on can help you save a  lot of valuable time, money and accelerate growth at your business. I want to show you how!"  

Between my aesthetic marketing agency Visual Vybz Studios and this program -- I have worked with tons of business owners in aesthetics, from plastic surgeons to aestheticians, from dermatologists to nurse practitioners. I have a key focus on using strategic branding, video storytelling, and content marketing to captivate audiences, connect them to new services and convert them into loyal customers.

You can also find me on the podcast app hosting the Patient Growth Accelerator Podcastor catch me speaking at national events like the Global Aesthetics Conference.


Meet the Instructor
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Just Imagine...


...Being able to understand the strategic steps towards developing an effective 12month content marketing plan for your aesthetic business that allows you to work smarter, not harder, and get better results. 

Imagine having a profitable content marketing plan that allows you to:

✅Organically grow your brand, impact, and business online
✅Learn what kind of content to create for accelerated patient growth
✅Be able to track and measure your content marketing success


Discover how to attract more patients online and keep them coming back for more! The more you learn, the more you'll feel confident about taking the necessary steps that both you and your team need to grow your aesthetic business.

Here’s a little taste of what you’ll learn inside the program:


✓A step by step 12 month content marketing plan to accelerate growth

✓How to shift your content strategy and get more qualified patients

✓How to copy what marketing experts are doing to increase brand loyalty

✓How to turn more followers into patients with captivating video content

✓How to measure the success of your content marketing efforts

✓How to stay competitive online in a crowded digital world with video

✓How to identify and target the right audience and assess your position

✓The best platforms, content, and online marketing tools to invest in

✓How to increase your average marketing ROI without running ads

And SO much more...  👏🏻


Ok, I'm Interested

Pricing for Individuals & Team

This program is not limited to business owners alone. In fact, it is designed for individuals and teams who have one common goal: accelerated patient growth.

1 on 1 Training & Support

Creating a content marketing strategy without any experience can be a challenge. This program gives you the 1 on 1 support that you need to be successful.

Access Anywhere at Anytime

Whether you're at home, your business, or even a coffee shop. Enjoy 24/7 unlimited access to the program on your mobile phone, desktop or tablet.

Get Certified in Aesthetic 

Content Marketing.

Once you've completed the program you'll instantly receive a certificate and badge with your name on it! You can even add your new qualifications to your LinkedIn profile as well. Skills in online marketing have become a necessity in this digital-driven economy. It's time to expand your knowledge and extend that resume with invaluable skills that are in high demand.

Let's Do This

All Patient Growth Accelerator Members Get Unlimited Access to...


Downloadable Worksheets

24/7 Support


Free Marketing Resources

Jessica B, NP.

"All I can say is.. Patient Growth Accelerator Academy works."

Andrew R, MD.

"Patient Growth Accelerator helped my staff get the knowledge and support that they needed to be more successful on social media."

Bridget S.

"I've been looking for a program like this for years! My team and I love it."

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Educating aesthetic audiences nation-wide on: 

✔️ Profitable brand and content strategies for authentic growth

✔️ Tools you can add to your content marketing arsenal

✔️ The Power of Video Storytelling: The Secret to Customer Growth

✔️ How to Create Videos that Captivate, Connect & Convert


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Patient Growth Accelerator is the perfect program for discovering how to amplify your brand and enhance your patient experience all while accelerating patient growth at your business. All you have to do is take the leap and enroll now to get started.

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