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How I grew a 6 figure business with $500 in my pocket, using strategic video content.

Before there was a top-ranked medical aesthetic content marketing agency. Before the video marketing courses and coaching. Before the 6-figure revenues and speaking opportunities …there was a corporate “yes” girl.

Eager to please.

Terrified to take the leap.

Scared to death of making it out on her own.


I didn’t have a smooth ride into becoming a business owner...

In fact, I struggled to find my niche and attract clients who made it financially worthwhile. There was a lot of guessing and testing.

The shift into “being my own boss” was anything but easy.

And when I finally started to get a bit of traction in my business…

… I quickly realized.

“I’m building the wrong content strategy”

The first year was rough, I wasn’t sure who I wanted to attract which made it difficult to market my business.

Long hours spent in front of the screen without the cash flow to justify it.

When in reality, I knew that I was simply building another generic business that didn’t have a unique selling proposition, a specific target audience or an effective strategy on how to attract them.

So I finally decided to change things up.

How? With profitable video content marketing strategies and actionable video storytelling techniques that work.

Now, I teach those same step-by-step techniques in my Patient Growth Accelerator program, to help you feel more confident showing up online with video content that grows and scales your business with ease.


(Without the crazy testing and crippling overwhelm!). 🎬

I teach what I’ve personally done to build a time-leveraged, 6-figure business that doesn’t throw money away on guessing and testing but actually delivers CONSISTENT results.

Now, I want to empower you on your journey to strategic clarity so that your medical aesthetic business will thrive.

To get started, click below.

I’ve had the honor of helping business owners like you...


I'm a British-born, Jamaican raised immigrant living in the US. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had the mindset of a business owner.


In high school, I sold my artwork and did freelance photography and videography as a side hustle. Then launched a Caribbean model agency while working to obtain my degree.

Once I graduated college, I launched a content marketing agency specifically for medical aesthetic brands, Visual Vybz Studioswhich is now 5 years old.


Being a business owner has not only helped me understand how to grow and scale my own business but specifically running a marketing agency that supports business growth for several other brands has given me so much insight into how to serve other industries and audience groups in very unique ways.

To keep my clients competitive and profitable, I had to quickly adapt my strategies and develop a simple, signature process that works. 

As a business owner, time is your most valuable asset and my goal is to help you maximize your profitability and minimize your time spent on video content creation and marketing. 

A little about me.


After years of testing, failing, and succeeding - I can safely say that strategic planning makes all the difference.


Whenever I felt frustrated and stagnant, it was usually because I didn't have a strategic game plan in place to give me the clarity that I needed to move forward. 

I quickly changed the way I approached my process which has now saved me so much valuable time and money. Which I can now reallocate to other business growth opportunities.

Now I want to empower you on your journey to strategic clarity so that your business will thrive.

Strategy brings clarity.



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I discovered that I needed to start from scratch, I needed to build a video content strategy that would propel my business growth consistently. 


So I doubled down and learned how to do it at scale. Once I understood how to do this effectively, I packaged it into a service and offered it to my clients as well. I learned:

  •  How to establish a target customer profile that fits the direction of your business goals and the type of customer I want to attract

  • How to use video to strategically attract your target audience regardless of what stage they're at on the buyer's cycle

  •  How to use video methodically to position yourself as an industry expert with a competitive value-focused offer

  •  How to use low-cost video production and marketing methods to attract and nurture a relationship with your ideal customer so that your calendars are always filled with new and existing patients each month

Once I nailed those down for my clients. I discovered how to utilize those strategies more efficiently to help you hit your targets faster and create more time to invest in enhancing your patient experience and actually doing what you love.

And best of all…

I prioritized my video content strategy...


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