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Video marketing courses to help you grow & scale your medical aesthetic brand with ease.

This is the perfect video marketing course for medical aesthetic professionals and entrepreneurs who want to learn how to create profitable videos that captivate audiences, connect to your products and services, and convert them into loyal returning customers.

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Discover how to use video content strategically and keep your schedules booked.

It's not enough to simply create a video and hope for the best. A comprehensive understanding of video marketing strategies, techniques, and best practices is crucial for success. 


The patient growth accelerator program is packed with in-depth, virtual training courses, downloadable worksheets for each lesson, and, step-by-step lessons on all aspects of strategic video planning, storytelling, production, editing, and marketing.

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Developing a Profitable Video Strategy that Works

Every solid strategy starts with a plan. This is the most crucial aspect of video content creation. A plan helps you to use your time more effectively and keep track of what's working and what's not.


How to Create Captivating Content that Connects & Converts

If you're currently creating video content but they seem ineffective and aren't delivering results then this program will teach you cinematic captivation tips to help you accelerate your results.


Video Storytelling: The Secret to Patient Growth & Retention

Discover how to use video storytelling as a patient attraction tool and a patient loyalty magnet. There is so much power in telling stories that connect with your audience and encourages them to make decisions.

Video Courses for Medical Aesthetic Businesses

Programs for every stage of business

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"Shanice understands your vision and helps you take it to the next level! Highly recommend her for taking your business further!"

- Rabia Khan, FNP

Owner of Nazra Aesthetics

"Shanice helps you understand your voice and who you are. You can see the analytics, you can actually see the growth happening in a quick fashion."

- Jenn Cobbs PA-C,

Owner of JC Aesthetics

"Shanice provides the knowledge you need as a brand to elevate your business and align with the market that you're in.. Highly recommend."

- Shanelle Reeves,

Manager at Beaty Facial Plastic Surgery

My hunch is that you attended one of my talks or stumbled upon one of my videos, podcast episodes, or blogs online. Whatever path you took, I’m really glad you’re here.


This site is full of incredible video marketing courses, free educational resources, and tools that can help you take your medical aesthetic business to the next level.

As a business owner, time is your most valuable asset and my goal is to help you minimize your time spent on guessing what strategies might work, and maximize your time invested in more profitable video marketing tactics that have proven to be successful. 


This entire program is designed to help you eliminate the clutter and focus only on executing the most profitable video marketing strategies that actually deliver results.


Take a Peek at What's Inside

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You'll learn everything from creating eye-catching videos to optimizing them for different platforms. You'll be able to engage your audience, ultimately leading to increased brand awareness and conversions. 

Video Strategy

Discover the secrets to creating top-notch videos that entertain, educate, and engage your audience. Learn how to produce high-quality videos that capture attention.

Video Creation

Video editing is an essential skill in today's digital world. Learn the skills and techniques needed to create impeccable videos that capture and engage your audience.

Video Editing

You'll gain insights and knowledge that will elevate your video marketing efforts. From optimizing distribution and analyzing performance.

Video Marketing

A Video Course Created for Medical Aesthetic Brands


15 Yrs of Video Production Expertise crafted into an Online Course Just for You.

Take your Videos to the Next Level

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  • Is the coaching intensive included with the online courses?
    No, these are separate online learning programs designed to give you different experiences based on your needs. However, you can combine them together at checkout to gain access to both.
  • How long will I have access to this program after purchase?
    Forever! You'll always be able to access the course material in this program and the material will be updated annually.
  • Where can I get access to the content marketing agency services
    Please go to and request to book a free virtual consultation to get started.


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